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We offer you the solution of a garden cellar with staircase for installation in a wetland area with a guarantee of 100% watertightness.

Basement with vestibule with a finished enclosed staircase for the installation of double doors: external at ground level and internal in the basement chamber.

The double door solution has been known for years and is one of the direct factors in maintaining the right microclimate inside the basement. An air buffer is created between thedoors and no hot air in summer or cold air in winter enters the cellar chamber. In addition, the stairs to the cellar are sheltered from rain, snow or leaves from trees. With our basement solution, we don't have to worry about pumping out water that would run down the stairs with  an open stairwell solution, or about shoveling snow and ice off the steps. We do not have to check that the submersible pump in the sump in front of the cellar entrance is in working order, and that it has an electrical supply above all during heavy rain and storms.

The garden cellar solution with stairs that we advocate ensures that if no water overflows through the threshold of the external door, then the cellar will be optimally dry.

We recommend the garden cellar solution for wetlands, where it is certain that the groundwater level is permanently high or periodically rises high.

We are not afraid of "difficult" constructions where the cellar will be affected by unquestionable and constant water pressure from the ground,

The function of an earth cellar can be any at your preference. 

Traditionally, it can be a dug-out for vegetables, fruit, preserves, a wine cellar, a beer brewhouse or a suitably prepared underground technical room or shelter.