Power industry

We manufacture prefabricated components for the electrical power industry.

Our speciality is various types of foundations and foundation elements, cable ducts, cable duct covers, cable wells and foundation slabs.

A professional and responsible approach to production is the basis of our operations. In our daily work, there is no room for balancing on the edge of quality standards, because we know that the prefabricated elements we produce are part of a reliable power transmission and distribution system.

We manufacture prefabricated components in accordance with the EN standards and technical documentation according to our own developments as well as those supplied by the customer.

The implemented Factory Production Control System ensures the high quality of our precast concrete products. All construction products of our manufacture are marketed in accordance with applicable regulations.

We do not limit ourselves to narrow specialisation, but are willing to carry out non-standard, small batch, individual and unique orders, such as those that are a challenge for other manufacturers or are not economically justified.

We have manufactured and delivered large, heavy-duty foundations directly to construction sites, as well as prefabricated components for manual assembly. 

We are not afraid of new challenges and taking full responsibility for our work.

Cable channels
Power transformer bowl
Foundations for apparatus
Cable wells

Precast concrete elements for the power industry:

  • foundations for substation apparatus for 110kV, 220kV, 400kV substations
  • prefabricated bowl for power transformers
  • prefabricated foundations for a transformer for auxiliary needs
  • foundations for capacitor battery stations
  • prefabricated cable ducts
  • mobile cable ducts with a load of 12 tonnes per vehicle axis
  • passable cable ducts with a load of D400
  • cable duct covers
  • passable cable duct cover
  • foundations for electrical apparatus cabinets, street lighting cabinets, cable connections, station cabinets
  • foundations for antenna masts and lightning towers, broadcasting and relay towers, radio beacons, MV/NV transformer stations
  • foundations for lanterns, lighting poles and masts, active road signs, RES installations
  • ground slabs for poles of overhead lines Nn , SN 6kV , 15kV , 20kV , 30kV
  • foundation slabs for gas tanks
  • slabs for power transformer running rails
  • fire walls and retaining walls