About cellars

We offer ready-made solutions for the garden cellar depending on your needs for arrangement and the method of foundation. Regardless of whether your cellar is to be located deep underground or positioned in a slope, we will propose the right solution for every project.

Our garden cellar will fit in with the style of any garden, with finishes and details limited only by your imagination. The unlimited choice of arrangement allows you to customise it to suit the style of your garden and the development of your plot.

Building an earth cellar - the installation of a ready-made prefabricated structure does not require the organisation of the entire construction project, i.e. the selection of a construction team, purchase and organisation of the delivery of construction materials and waiting for the final construction effect. There are no technological interruptions, no need for a construction team, no lengthy construction hustle and bustle.

The prefabricated garden cellar of our production is a monolithic reinforced concrete casting made in SCC (Self-compacting concrete) technology. SCC concrete of compressive strength class C40/50 (B50), exposure class XC4 Cyclic wet and dry, watertightness grade min. W8.

In our solution of a single monolithic cellar chamber element, reinforcement continuity and concrete continuity are fully maintained, which is very important for the safety of the structure.

Quality is one of the elements with which we distinguish ourselves in the market.

We are constantly improving our product and are keen to listen to customer suggestions.

Such a strong emphasis we place on the solidity of the cellars we offer is due to the awareness that a cellar of our production will be an integral part of the immediate surroundings of your home.

It is you who will be using the cellar on a day-to-day basis, but it is we who, by supplying our product, guarantee the safety of the construction and use for at least 50 years.

According to your order, we are able to deliver a turnkey finished garden cellar according to your idea, our developed standard or a "raw" prefabricated product for your own arrangement.

The standard of the "raw" prefabricated element is the electrical installation and the ventilation system, which are made before concreting. Installations are always made before the concreting process in order to preserve the tightness and integrity of the cellar chamber, without any need to interfere with the structure of the finished element. In addition to the standard execution, all installations can be individually tailored to your needs. Depending on the function of the cellar, we will adapt it to your needs and produce it according to your order.

The functionality of our product is paramount and this system is distinguished by its simplicity.

A perfect, timeless design which, thanks to its simple form, lends an individual character to the building.

Garden cellars of our production can fulfil any other function you require. In addition to the standard, traditional garden cellars can be used for storage, social or technical functions. Depending on what function you need, we will adapt and build it.


  • garden cellar - storage of fruit, vegetables and preserves
  • wine cellar
  • beer cellar , beer brewing
  • storage cellar that keeps the temperature above zero in winter without the need for heating
  • shelter for severe weather events
  • shelter for protection against the effects of weapons of mass destruction, classical weapons and dangerous chemical agents
  • technical room e.g. for electrical switchboards for garden lighting, pump stations for swimming pool installations, etc.
  • other applications according to your needs and ideas